Saturday, 15 October 2011

Locals with BPYC President

locals seize opportunity for a photo with BPYC President and a quick Q and A session

Locals with BPYC President
Locals with BPYC President

BPYC speaks out for Pakistan

Once again BPYC speaks out for Pakistan. Headline in "The News" exposes the Pakistani High Commission not supporting one of its diplomats.

Saturday, 8 October 2011 - Interview BPYC President

Kamran Ishtiaq

Q. How did you come to know of Pakistan Fashion Week UK and who approached you to help with the event?
KI: We heard about it when the Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan, Mr Nafees, mentioned it to us. The British Pakistani Youth Council got involved as a result of his request.

Q. What were some of the major problems you faced in managing the event?
KI: The event ran very smoothly, however considering the event was promoting Pakistan, we faced major problems getting support from any Pakistani politician or the embassy.

Q. A brief introduction about you and the BPYC?
KI: We are a national group of professional British-Pakistani youth who wish to promote a successful image of Pakistan.

Q. Was this event one of its kind here in the UK or do such fashion events frequently happen here?
KI: Fashion shows here occur throughout the year. However, the Pakistan Fashion Week UK was rare due to it showcasing Pakistan’s culture.

Q. Will this be a permanent event in the fashion calendar every year?
KI: We have plans to make it permanent.

Q. What are your expectations of Pakistan Fashion Week UK? How can it be further improved?
KI: There needs to be more unity and involvement from the mature generation as well as the cultural attache.

Q. What do you think of the collections presented? What would you like to see more of?
KI: The collections showcased the ability to provide quality garments from Pakistan to a worldwide audience, suiting any culture.

Q. Are you working towards holding another event sometime soon?
KI: At moment BPYC has been disbanded. However, I may look into it as a personal involvement.

Q. As head of the BPYC, what are some of your major achievements and how do you facilitate Pakistani students and expats in the UK?
KI: BPYC has proven itself in empowering Pakistan’s youth, giving them the drive to succeed. We have successfully launched a number of interests and our cricket club engages over 40 youths. Our amateur boxing club saw 150-plus youths achieving European ABA belts. There are plenty of other projects, details of which can be followed on our website
At the Pakistan Fashion Week UK, we facilitated students to come forward and be a major part of the setup and organization. — S.S.


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