British Pakistani Youth Council are a national Group of young people who, whilst recognising our faith and ethnic heritage, focus on the present and look to the future. We focus on issues affecting our lives as British Young People. Great Britain is our Adopted motherland and therefore our future and our interests are forever intertwined. 

We are inclusive and welcome young people who share our values from all parts of Great Britain. The BPYC is an inclusive group and seeks out people from all backgrounds, in particular the youth and those from a working class background. In other words we are not elitist, unlike other “Muslim representative” organisations that fail to include the voices of young British Pakistan people.
Q. Why is British Pakistani Youth Council in existence?
A. To provide a national platform for British Pakistani young People to voice their issues, concerns and engage in the mainstream life of the society in the UK.
Q. What will British Pakistani Youth Council do?
A. BPYC will work with the national and the devolved governments of the United Kingdom on all matter pertaining to British Pakistani young People, with particular emphasis on anit-radicalisation and community cohesion.
Q. How will BPYC help voice British Pakistani Youths Voices?
A. BPYC executive committee will work closely with British Pakistani Youths in order to voice a fair response on behalf of British Pakistani youth.
Q. How will British Pakistani Youth Council help Youths?
A. BPYC will undertake all lawful activities, initiatives, projects, campaigns either alone or in partnership with others that promotes the lawful interests of British Pakistani young people both in the UK and abroad
Do you have a question?
Please contact us if we can assist in any way we will aim to respond to you in 7 working days.
For all enquires, email:  info@bpycouncil.org
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